10 Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

Advantages Of Professionally Steam Cleaned Carpets

Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

Do your carpets look dull, stained, or just plain dirty? Are allergies and odors a problem in your home? Steam carpet cleaning may be the solution you’ve been looking for!

This carpet cleaning method has been one of the most popular and effective ways to deep clean carpets for decades. The pressurised hot steam loosens and lifts away dirt, stains, allergens and more from deep within your carpet fibres.

Unlike surface cleaners, carpet steam cleaning thoroughly removes embedded particles. This refreshes your carpets, extends their life, and provides healthier indoor air quality in your home.

Read on for the top 10 reasons you should get your carpets steam cleaned:

1. Deep Down Clean

Regular steam cleaning provides deeper carpet penetration, not surface level treatment. The hot steam penetrates into the carpet fibers, loosening and lifting out all the soils that vacuum can’t reach.

Even long-set spots into the base of the carpet come up. The steam sanitises carpets by killing dust mites, fleas, bacteria and other microbes.

2. Eliminates Allergens

Dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, all common allergens lurking in carpets. The heated steam kills dust mites and neutralises pet allergens.

Regular cleaning can drastically reduce allergy symptoms for you and your family. It creates a healthier home environment overall.

3. Environmentally Safe

This method only uses hot water and mild detergent, no harsh chemicals. The wastewater is safe for plants or septic tanks when disposed properly.

This green method keeps toxic products out of your home and the ecosystem. It protects health without harming the Earth.

4. Extends Carpet Life

All the dirt ground into your carpets acts like sandpaper, breaking fibers and dulling color. Steam extraction removes the dirty particles causing this damage.

By getting carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, you can add years of life onto them. A good investment compared to re-carpeting costs!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

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Powerful truck-mounted machinesLow powered portable machines
Hotter steam for better resultsLower temp steam
Deep CleaningSurface level cleaning

5. Dries Quickly

The steam only adds moisture to the base of fibers, not soaking through to backing or pad.

With proper ventilation, carpets dry within 4-6 hours. Fans and dehumidifiers speed up drying time. Then you can enjoy the fresh carpets right away!

6. Odor Removal

Hot water extraction eliminates tough odors like smoke, pets, cooking grease trapped in fibers over time.

Pet urine and feces odors are no match! It removes the smells at their source.

7. Lower Costs

While the upfront professional cleaning service price may seem high, it extends carpet life up to 5 times longer before replacement.

You also avoid the fees of renting equipment, buying shampoos and hassle of doing it yourself. And no funds wasted on repeated chemicals that don’t work.

8. Refreshes Your Home

It restores vibrancy to matted, dirty carpets. Colors look richer, patterns more defined. It’s amazing how tidy carpets can refresh your entire home.

You’ll be excited to welcome guests after a thorough clean of carpets and rugs.

Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning

9. Prevents Resoiling

How does your carpet get dirty again so quickly after washing? It’s because soils left behind act like magnets, rapid re-soiling the carpets.

It removes those soils down to the base. This allows carpets to stay pristine after professional service.

10. Convenient & Effective

Finally, cleaning by professional steam cleaners gets you the deepest clean without much effort on your part.

They have powerful truck-mounted machines, top cleaning agents, and expertise to restore your carpets effectively.

Sit back and let the pros revive your carpets!

Should You Get Your Carpet Steam Cleaned?

After reading about these 10 great benefits, you can see why steam-cleaned carpet is so popular in homes today. It rectifies a host of carpet-related problems.

While the process takes more time than other methods, the results are longer-lasting. If you want truly deep cleaned carpets free of filth, pollutants and odors, this is the way to go!

Refresh your home and improve your family’s health by contacting a professional carpet cleaner about steam cleaning services today. You and your carpets will breathe easier!